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About me

Rolfing® has expanded and changed my life. Again and again it is fascinating to experience the positive effects of Rolfing® on my clients and on me.

I tried Rolfing® because of physical pain. I experienced the sessions as profound changes in my body. For me it was a deep experience and a revelation that I am no longer exposed to tension in my body and bad posture.

Today I am free of symptoms and experience my body lighter, more flexible and without pain. It's a wonderful experience and I can hardly imagine today that I couldn't go up stairs without complaints.

This experience was so impressing that I decided to become a Rolfer and had myself trained by the European Rolfing Association.

Rolfing® is a process that continues to develop long after the end of the last session. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, flexible or immobile, tense, stressed or painless. Like every Rolfing session, the effects are individual and the results are amazing.

In Rolfing® I found my calling and experience it as a fulfillment, to accompany clients on

the way to expand their possibilities and improve their well-being.

Member of the European Rolfing® Association

Member of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

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My advanced training:

  • Certified Advanced Rolfer

  • Rolf Movement Practitioner

  •  Craniosacral training, Ray McCall

  • Rolfing with children, Dr Anne Koller-Wilmking, pediatrician

  • Structural posture and movement patterns in old age, prevention and dissolution, Valerie Berg

  • Manual techniques, Gael Rosewood

  • Rolfing, trauma and orientation, Lael Keen

  • The biomechanics of the spine, Jim Asher

  • Influence of ligaments on arms, shoulders and the chest, Michael Salveson

  • Understanding the relationship between the shoulder girdle, spine and neck, Tessy Brungardt


Answers to your questions


Rolfing® Structural Integration is a holistic method of manual body work. The focus is on improving posture and movement patterns. Manual work on the connective tissue, the fascia, tendons and ligaments releases tension and compacted or compressed structures.

There will be more freedom of movement for muscles and joints. The body alignes, experiences better balance.
With Rolfing®, people learn to be upright without holding themselves up, they learn to organize their inner forces in relation to external gravity. This is less strenuous, there is basically more energy available, you can recover more easily and move more freely.
Such an integrated structure prevents incorrect loading of joints and loading of tissue. Tensions, chronic complaints, restricted movement, muscle pain and fatigue are thus deprived of imbalances and the symptoms are often relieved or disappear.


Rolfing® apllies different touch qualities on the

inner connective tissue network, the so-called fascia, of the body.

The adaptable fascia are the "organ of form" and envelop and penetrate all structures of the body:muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones, vessels as well as nerves and even the brain.

The connective tissue is literally the tissue that connects everything.

With touch, movement education and training in the perception of body structures, restrictions and movement restrictions are felt and the tensions of the fascia are released. This allows the organism to balance itself out and the original relationship between the structures is restored.


The likelihood of a positive change in complaints of the musculoskeletal system such as back pain, tension in the neck and shoulder, tension headache and restricted movement of the joints is high.

By balancing the tensions in the organism, being upright and moving becomes easier. Rolfing improves structure, posture and freedom of movement and can thus improve symptoms, the cause of which, is at least partly unfavorable structure or posture.

Rolfing® is well suited for people with sedentary or standing work, i.e. one-sided stress.


It is also interesting for people from the fields of dance, drama, yoga and sports who want to improve their performance or expression.


At the beginning of each session, you are briefly looked at while standing, walking or sitting so that I can get an idea of your body structure and your movement patterns.

The meetings take place mainly while lying down, sometimes also while sitting or standing. We work with a wide variety of different techniques to relieve tension in the fascia network. Here, pressure is applied with the hands, which can be gentle but also intense.

In the course of several sessions, gentler and more efficient movements are worked out, so that the unfavorable and stressful movement pattern can be stored.

A different body feeling often appears immediately after the session.


The number of sessions depends on your situation and goals.

Rolfing® recommends a basic series of ten sessions, which take place every two weeks at the beginning and every three to four weeks later.

This basic series contains various topics and each session builds systematically on the previous one. Long-term changes are achieved with this series.

If you want short-term relief from complaints, a series of one to three sessions may be sufficient.


Rolfing® can be felt from very pleasant to very intense. Your feedback about your feelings is important, because it allows an individual adjustment.


The Rolfing® series offers a good basis for permanent changes.

Sustainability depends on your physical, mental and mental factors and their interaction, as well as your initial situation.

How willing are you to change? Are you actively participating in the process?

Immediate and long-term effects are therefore a very individual matter.

Rolfing® focuses on improving the body structure and function. However, optimizing body function is something very individual. What is only a small step for one client can represent a significant personal success for another.


In many cases, Rolfing® is also suitable for children.

Keep in mind that some physiological developments are normal and grow out of themselves over time.

A classic 10 series is often not recommended and the sessions are shorter.

Occasional sessions, especially after orthopedically diagnosed poor posture, accidents, or growth deficits, can help to positively influence growth.


Rolfing® is currently not included in the service catalog of thehealth insurance companies. Therefore, they are not yet paid for by them. It is different for private health insurance companies, some reimbursing the costs, others not. Please ask your health insurance provider whether they will cover all or part of the costs.

Rolfing® is recognized by the tax offices. There the costs are deductible as special expenses. Please contact your tax advisor for the requirements.

A Rolfing session currently costs EUR 90. For children, depending on the length of treatment,

a reduced price will be charged.

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In 1920 Ida Pauline Rolf completed her doctoral thesis in biochemistry at Columbia University of New York. She worked at the Rockefeller Institute in the Department of Chemotherapy and Organic Chemistry for several years before moving on to mathematics and atomic physics in Zurich.

In search of solutions to her own and family-related health problems, she studied homeopathic medicine in Geneva.

In the early 1930s, she continued these studies in the United States, where shedealt with osteopathy, chiropractic and yoga. A decade later

her main focus was already on the treatment of people

with various physical complaints.


Throughout her life she was concerned with the fundamental question of which conditions are needed to make the human body structure

organized and integrated under the influence of gravity.

That function and structure as a whole and expression of the person work optimally and economically.

This developed over the course of 30 years into

an exceptional method of fascia techniques and movement training, which is known today under the term Rolfing® Structural Integration.

Fritz Pearls encouraged Ida Rolf

to share their groundbreaking ideas in the field of bodywork.


Rolfing began to spread and Ida Rolf founded her own institute in the early 1970s.


Since her death in 1979 at the age of 83, Certified Rolfer® and Rolf Movement Practitioner® have been trained at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and the institutes in Europe and Asia. Recent research supports and extends the view into the basic and visionary work of Dr. Ida Rolf.

Rolfing 26 min Deutsche Version
CAMACRO Production

Rolfing 26 min Deutsche Version

ce projet est soutenu par version chapitrée: La réalisation de ce documentaire sur le Rolfing a duré environ un an et demi Les participants au tournage nous ont touché par leur sincérité, leur authenticité et leur enthousiasme. Ils ont fait preuve de courage aussi car ce n’est pas rien de se trouver derrière un objectif , ni devant d’ailleurs, la caméra étant assez lourde à manipuler. Grâce à eux j’ai pu apprendre beaucoup sur moi même et sur mon travail Au cours de cette aventure, je me suis fixé comme objectif de montrer ce qui est invisible et de ne pas montrer ce qui est visible, c’est à dire de ne pas montrer les résultats avant - après ou appuyer inutilement sur l’efficacité du travail. Je voulais plutôt que le spectateur ait l’impression d’être avec nous dans ce cabinet et de partager avec nous quelque chose de l’ordre de l’expérience et du ressenti qui lui donne envie de se connaître et d’envisager une rencontre avec le nouveau, l’improbable, le hasard… Je voulais que le spectateur accède à une compréhension organique (par empathie avec les personnages du film ) de la plasticité humaine, de la capacité au changement et d’une forme de communication qui permet un travail participatif dans la relation thérapeutique. J’espère qu’au moins une partie de ces objectifs seront reconnaissables dans le film et qu’ainsi des gens pourront être touchés par les témoignages qu’il contient. Bien à vous Mathias Avigdor
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