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Rehydrate your body and enjoy a healthy, youthful and active lifestyle

MELT is a gentle, simple and painless method for self-treatment. It supports the prevention of pain, the healing of injuries and reduces the negative consequences of aging.

One-sided stress in everyday life, sedentary work or intensive training can causedehydration, tension and sticking in the connective tissue.


Recent research has shown that the missing link for a pain-free life is a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue.

A good cooperation between these two systems creates stability, flexibility and good communication between body and mind in the whole body.




As a substitute for therapeutic mobilization with the hands, deep-seated tensions in the connective tissue are released with the help of a soft roll and small balls. This short self-massage brings the connective tissue, the fascia, back into a healthy and fluid state.

The fasciae enclose every organ system in our body. Treatment with the specific MELT techniques, which bring the nervous system into balance, set the body's self-healing powers free.

Applying the MELT method for just a few minutes a day will improve your physical and psychological wellbeing and you can experience your everyday life full of energy.

The MELT method enables a versatile area of ​​application.Individual sessions, courses and workshops can be tailored to your personal needs.

I would be happy to hold a MELT event in my practice, at your home or in your company.

Examples of workshops and courses:


MELT introduction

MELT for those who sit a lot

MELT for the back

MELT for the shoulder and neck

MELT for tennis or golf players

MELT for musicians

MELT hand and foot

MELT for runners


All offers can also be carried out online.



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